Endeavoring to explore the outer reaches of inner space I revel not only in creating a cast of characters but imaginary geometries and invented scripts as well.  Exploring the intersections of inner and outer realities presents the magic and enigma of a game, a dance, a juggling act, a conjurer's trick.


For years I have been making shrines to honor loved ones who had powerful influences on me. When I first lined them all up I realized that they were filled with autobiographical content. Because I had put so much of myself into them, both literally and figuratively, they were essentially reflections of my life’s passages and of those who had shared in them.  The series continues because the acts of recreating, recollecting and reconnecting trigger a useful catharsis which encourages movement into the unknown.  The weathered found objects I use are decidedly more singular and interesting than their newer counterparts.  They represent the power and individuality of age over the advertised perfection of youth and beauty.


History, memory, dreams, imagination and the pursuit of knowledge are essential to the formation of a mature individual. The old books, maps and papers I use in my collage work fascinate me in the way that old people do: they become richer and more fully realized with the passage of time, bearing visible traces of their pasts.  They acquire unexpected secrets, mysteries and stories that are more vital than those imprinted upon them when they were new. Collecting these venerable discards and incorporating them with my drawings, calligraphy and prints in order to endow them with new life and meaning based upon personal experience and understanding is my way to ”re-member”.


Metaphorical explorations of the political and sociological dilemmas of contemporary life inspire this work. I believe that the challenges of human existence remain essentially unchanged throughout the ages, leading to the creation of pigmented plaster panels reminiscent of ancient frescoes superimposed with classically influenced drawings. These rich, unpredictable and seemingly timeworn surfaces hint of a prior history. The imagery resonates at many frequencies—from the personal to the global. The work’s enigmatic quality is intended to provoke emotional responses and to challenge widely held assumptions concerning our relationships to one another, to other living beings and to the earth.

The timely is juxtaposed with the timeless.

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